Theatrical Trailers/Games/TV

The Day The Earth Stood Still


Mitsubishi Outlander TV Commercial

Fan Boys Theatrical Trailer

HBO "Thrilla in Manila" Promo Spot

Trailers produced by Distortion Music and Sound Design

Feature Films/Soundtracks


My Name Is Jerry Indie Feature Film Soundtrack Montage Coming Fall 2009

European Artists

Peter Doran: Pathways 1,2,4 and 7

Martin Klein- Demo 2009 Montage Wien, Austria

My Excellence-COME ON seal the deal campaign

Fabio Segal Lopez-London, England/ Brazil-Fabio Lopez Montage

Richie Ulmer-Wien, Austria

Artists produced by Filippo Gaetani Tuscanny, Italy/Vienna, Austria/L.A. California

Modern Rock
Rock Drum Montage-Stereomaid

Over the Edge-Stereomaid

Really Workin' Xiren

Polite Conversation Xiren



Wrecking Room Stand By, Vampyr, Pushing & Pulling

John Fishell Roads

Better Than Today-Stereomaid

Jock Bartley I Used To Say

Newcomers Home When the Levee Breaks

Jock Bartley Dysfunctional Bop

Jock Bartley Goodhearted Man


Pop Rock Drumoverdubs Montage_Distortion Music and Sound Design


Xiren Dejavoodoo

gogoLab The Playboy

gogoLab The Faceoff

Fan the Flames-Distortion Music and Sound Design Fanboys Trailer

All I Do-Distortion Music and Sound Design Fanboys Trailer

gpm album coverGrandpa Mojo Miles to Compare (drum Solo) 2:21 min

gpm album coverGrandpa Mojo Mixed Beans (jungle) 2:21 min

gpm album coverGrandpa MojoNuff (brushes) 2:21 min



R&B Drumoverdubs Montage-Distortion Music and Sound Design

Jazz Vocalist

I've Waited Long Enough-Meryl Romer


Jock Bartley Pretty Please

Shelly Burris Kiss Me In The Rain cowritten and produced by Burke Long

Burke Long Shakin

Newcomers Home Anywhere But Here

Steve Koch Big Breakable Heart

Cajon Kit

Hard Nina Storey

Charlie Chaplin Katie Herzig

Tricks Ash Ganley and the Lyons Rock Council

Roots Rock

Newcomers Home Drive


Newcomers Home Coming Back Around

Chris Korenjak "Hold On"
Colorado Sound Denver, CO

Seth Bradley "Chicago"

Liza Bird On A Wing (recorded @ NFA Denver)

Hybrid Kit Drumset/Handrum
Sherri Jackson "Maple Tree"
Robert Lang Studio Seattle, WA

Newcomers Home In Your Face Again

Sherri Jackson "World Away"
Robert Lang Studio Seattle, WA

The Witching Hour "Judgment Day"
The Witching Hour "Seeds of Nothing"
Recorded live at Red Rocks
Percussive Work

gogoLab "The Deal"

Sally Taylor "How Can I"
Sky Trail Studio Boulder, CO

Sherri Jackson "World Away"
Robert Lang Studio Seattle, WA

Rich Moore "Mole in the Ground"
Swallow Hill Recording Studio Denver, CO

All commercial tracks recorded at Coupe Studios (Boulder, CO) unless otherwise noted.

McDonald's TV Commercial.1

McDonald's TV Commercial.2
(Video File)

Riesen Television Commercial
(Video File)

Polaris Ranger
(Video File)
Dish Network

Dish Network 2

Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets 2

Whole Tree Ford "Hey"

Ford "Test Drive"

Ford "Focus"




Album Work
These are short (under 1 minute) MP3 sound files. If you are not familiar with downloading and playing sound files read this.

Seth Bradley "Chicago"

Xiren "You Need Me"

Xiren "Prince Among Frogs"
POP Studios Denver, CO &

Imagine (W.A.R.? Benefit Album)
Colorado Sound Denver, CO

Sally Taylor "Convince Me"
Sally Taylor "March Like Soldiers"
Sky Trail Studio Boulder, CO

Freddy Jones Band "Come Right Away"
Rax Traxx Chicago, IL

Sherri Jackson "What an Ego"
Robert Lang Studio Seattle, WA