Drum Gear
Kick Drums
  • 22"x14 Slingerland 50's Mahogany-Amazing for Rock!
  • 26"x14 Slingerland 50's Mahogany with Calskin's-Think Jay Belrose!
  • 22x18 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
  • 22x18 Tribes Maple
  • 22x 14 Gretsch 50's Round Badge
  • 20x 14 Rogers Holiday Ported
  • 20x14 Rogers Holiday Fyberskyns Retro RnB
  • 22x14 WFL Full Heads Retro
  • 18x16 Rogers Holiday (Jazz)



1920's Ludwig&Ludwig One Ply Mahogany 5x14

DW Collector's Edge 6x14 (Wood/Brass Shell) great for pop hip hop or funk!

Pearl Steve Ferrone Brass 6.5x14

(2) Slingerland Radio King 7x14 1ply 1939 and 40's (Beef and Thud)
Tama SPL Vintage Steel 5.5x14
Rogers Dynasonic 1966 (Brass 5.5x14) Punchy and precise
Ludwig Acrolite 1970’s 5x14 (Aluminum) Great twang
Ludwig Bronze 6.5x14 (Beef!)
WFL 1952 Superclassic 6x14 (Twang)
Tribes Custom Maple 6x13 deep wood hoop nice crack!
Tribes Custom Mapl e3x 12 piccolo Great crack with character.
Tribes Custom Maple 6x10 "Popcorn Snare"

Early 50's Sound

WFL Vintage Drum Kit w/Original Calf Skin Heads: 22, 13, 16 + snare

Vintage 60's Sound
1967 Rogers Holiday (full "round" sound): 20, 12, 13, 16
• Take a listen Take a Look

(2) 20" Holiday Kick Drum 12,13,16,18 Toms

Gretsch Round Badge 12, 13, 14, 16, 22

Modern Drum Sounds

Yamaha Maple Absolute Kit.
(22", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16")

Yamaha Maple Absolute
(8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 22")

Tribes Custom Drums
built by Fritz Von Valtier

22x18 kick drums (Big full rock pop sound)
18x18 kick drum (precise fundamental/Jazzy open)
10" 12" 15" tom configuration


Sabian Cymbals:
Hi Hats: 12", 13"el sabor 13" hhx groove, 14" Duo, 14" Manhattan 14"Encore 15" HHX Groove Hats
Crashes: 16" hhdark/hhx stage/ aax dark,Vault
18"HHX Studio, 18" HHX Manhattan 19 Explosion 20" Vault
Rides: 22 Rupp Ride
20 HHx stage/HH 20/HH Dou Ride rivet/HHx Manhattan/20 vintage Ride
21 aax stage ride, Encore, Vintage Ride, New Crossover Ride

Alien disk/10"cymbal disk/8" Max Stax/Misc Splashes, The Chopper 12, Diamondback Paragon Chinese.

Special thanks to Ann MacNally, Paul Cellucci, and Bob Rupp of Sabian inc.

World Percussion and Toys
Djembes from Mali/Ghana, Congas, Bongos, Cajon, Shakers, Tambourines, pandeiro, trash cans and other junk to hit.


Sticks brushes and mallets.
**brushes create great moods and textures**

World Percussion