Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I work with you?

Many session musicians have a "safe take" mentality. When people are on the clock for expensive studio time the sounds and takes are often compromised due to budget constraints. I am a seasoned creative drummer who will try ideas outside the box. This is an environment that removes the pressure and focuses on results.

What formats do you work with?
I can work with most formats except 2 inch tape. Aiff, Wave and Soundesigner 2 files are the easiest to work with. Adats will work but are subject to transfer time charges.

How do you track?
I begin a tracking session by listening to the song a few times then picking through cymbals and snare drums and other noises to create a sound palette for the song. I will sit down and play through the song to check the sounds and vibe of the tune, then, I track it 2 or 3 times and decide which one works the best. If there are great parts between takes I will edit them together. A mix will be made and an MP3 will go out to the client to make sure they like the take. Once any changes are made I will check the track for any editing and recheck the sounds. Only then are the files printed and shipped to you, the client.

How many tracks do you record?
I usually ship 10 to 14 tracks of drums to each client for maximum flexibility. This usually consists of Kick in, Kick Out, Snare Bottom, Snare Top, Rack 1, Rack 2, Floor, Overhead L, Overhead R, Hat, Crud mic (crappy sounding compressed good for loops.) and a tube room mic. I change the microphone configuration and technique to fit the vibe of each song.

Do you bring in other musicians?
If the client wants other parts, I have access to a large pool of session musicians. Whether it is a bass track, analog synth, dj or African drummer, has the connection to talent. Many times, a track will have a more human feel with the drums and bass recorded at the same time.

Percussion overdubs?
I have a large selection of percussion and toys to add flavor to a track. From hand drums to trash cans I can color your production. I find that a simple shaker or tambourine track significantly helps other players with their overdubs and saves editing time.

What kind of reference tracks do you need?
I need a stereo mix of the music track (WAV preferred). Additionally a click track or drum loop with a 2 bar count off is appreciated. 1/8 note click is IDEAL.

Can you record drum loops for me?
Yes, I can record loops and drum parts to a click with your chart. Soon, I will be releasing a drum loop CD.

How will I be able to check your work?
You will download proofs from, or I can Email an MP3 to you via yousendit. This way you may check my work before payment.

May I make a Revision?
Yes, I will make 2 revisions within reason at no charge. My goal is to have happy clients.

Mac or PC?
Either format will work. Just send files that are all the same length.

What are your rates?
Rates per song are very affordable. Message me and describe your project.

How do I pay you?
I use the PayPal Service. Just press the Pay Pal Icon.