About Brian McRae

Brian McRae is a pioneer in the world of online recording founding drumoverdubs.com; allowing everyone access to master level live drum tracks. Brian is a professional studio and touring drummer/percussionist based in Lyons, Colorado. He attended the prestigious University of North Texas and earned a Bachelor in Business while immersed in the music program. In 1993 Brian began a full time career touring and recording with such artists as Sherri Jackson, The Freddy Jones Band and Sally Taylor to name a few. Brian has performed on stage with a variety of musical icons and other national artists. He has recorded on tracks with Maceo Parker, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, John Medeski, Steve Berlin, Glenn Tilbert etc.

Brian has performed and or recorded with:

Mindy Smith, Reed Foehl, Brian Arbuckle, Kandace Ferrell, Laura Love, Steve Seskin, Steve Berlin, Jonah Werner, Dr Noize, Kevin Teasley, Nina Storey, Katie Herzig, Annie Brooks, Martin Klein (Austria), Peter Doran (Ireland), My Excellence (Austria) Filippo Gaetani (Italy), Mike Binder, MGB Records, Gabe Kinsley, Tyler Ward, Jus Goodie, Eliese Leiberth, Sammy T, Julia Clayton, John Fishell, Dan Navarro, Rue, Retta Yarburough, John Common, Catie Curtis, Zoe Lewis, Xiren, Newcomer’s Home, Tony Furtado, Jeff Brinkman, Sherri Jackson, Sally Taylor, Jock Bartley, Firefall, Chris Bloom, Christopher Jak , Braving the Atlantic, Steve Quiry, Andy Palmer, Wendy Woo, Rebecca Folsom,  Rich Moore, Michelle Shocked, Wendy Woo, Liza, Jim Salestrom, Mollie Weaver, Tiny Television, Arthur Leeland, John McVey, Burke Long, Shelly Burris, Haight Rite Records, Aspen Leaf Studios, Coupe Studios, Terry Rhodes, Chris Nole, Pete Hutlinger, Jude Gold, The John Denver Tribute Band, Etown (Martin Sexton, Ryan Shaw, Judy Collins), Ash Ganley, Richie Furray, The Lyons Rock Council, Sally Van Meter, Jefferson Hamer, Eben Grace, Brian Schey, Josy Pale (Germany), Riviera, Yonder Mountain String Band, KC Groves, Company Ink, Jeremy Lister, Rob Drabkin, Seth Bradley etc.

Mixers:  James Tuttle, Gary Paczoza, Filippo Gaetani, Greg McRae, Justin Peacock, John Macy, James Paul Wisner, Michael White, Evan Frankfurt, Steve Koch, Dave Snider, Ryan States, Mike Binder, Kip Kuepper, Brian Arbuckle, Jay Ruston, Wil Masisak.

Rock: Kip Winger & Red Beach with The Colorado Symphony, The Freddy Jones Band, John Fishell, Stereomaid, Xiren, Rose Hill Drive, Braving the Atlantic, Wreckingroom, Jock Bartley (Firefall) Josy Pale, Bobby Yang

Jam: Kyle Hollingsworth of SCI, Ben Kauffman of Yonder Mountain, gogoLab, Grandpa Mojo, DJ Logic, Rob Wasserman, Cique, Further Festival 97, Aquatic Life

Prog Rock: The Witching Hour

Commercials: Mitsubishi, Cascadian Farms, Ford, McDonalds, Coors, Dish Network, Hot Pockets, Victory Motorcycles, Riesen Chocolate, Taco Bell Old Chicago, Polaris Pop Jazz: Dotsero

Movie and Game Trailers: The Day the Earth Stood Still, FanBoys, Sabatouer HBO, Rocksmith, Fox, MGM, CBS, My Name is Jerry

In addition to his band credits, Brian stays busy as a session drummer for commercial clients including Mitsubishi, Ford, McDonalds, Hot Pockets and Dish Network. Chances are if you watch TV, go to the movies, or play video games chances are that you have already heard some of Brian’s work.

In July of 2000, Brian decided to build his own drum-tracking studio to advance his recording expertise and accommodate the increasing recording needs of local area musicians. The combination of teaching and recording with local songwriters had the studio humming day and night.

Brian soon realized that providing the service of professionally played and recorded drum tracks was something that was needed by musicians from al over. Thanks to the popularity of the Internet and the latest in digital recording technology, providing this service is easier than ever.

Before long DRUMOVERDUBS.COM was born.